Providing help earlier to reduce costs and improve wellbeing

We provide a single solution across your organisation for safety, medical and mental health support. Our unique combination of technology and human support intervenes earlier in the wellbeing journey, avoiding unnecessary risks, impacts and costs.

Described by Woolworths as an "angel in your pocket", Sonder is there for your people 24/7.

Sonder wellbeing app offers human centric and holistic support, long term relationships with proactive follow up and expert support that is easily accessible, reliable and relatable.

Our human centric approach

When left untreated, issues escalate and treatment becomes expensive and complex. Getting ahead of the problem can avoid unnecessary cost and personal toll.

Human centric support drives earlier intervention and just makes good business sense.

Returning 17x your investment


Sonder’s approach to wellbeing and safety focuses on existing metrics, like absenteeism and presenteeism, which is estimated at 7% of your wage costs. However, there is also a “ripple effect” which impacts leaders, staff and peers.

Conservatively, 9% of your people’s time can be attributed to the "ripple effect". Impacting these costs, even by 10%, brings $860K of benefit per 1,000 employees and a 17x ROI.

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Transforming wellbeing & safety programs

What our clients say

  • "Through our partnership with Sonder, all 215,000 of our team members and their families have access to confidential and on demand support from Sonder's extensive network of professionals, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year."

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    Brian Long

    General Manager Safety, Health & Wellbeing, Woolworths Group

  • "With Sonder I honestly feel like I have an ‘invisible life support’ with me at all times, and trust that students and stakeholders share this same level of comfort. A true game-changer in the wellbeing and safety services industry."

    Kim Burdett

    Lead, Experience Design and Quality Improvement, University of Sydney and Education Innovation Consultant

  • "What Sonder allows, is for people to put their hand up much earlier, and in a less threatening, less vulnerable environment, and have access to the information they need - this is cutting edge."

    The Hon. Bronnie Taylor

    Minister for Mental Health, Regional Youth and Women, NSW Government

Our foundations

Leading edge, ISO accredited technology

Backed by
proven medical research

Certified ACHS healthcare provider

Tangible organisational impact

It's time for a new approach

"Modern healthcare is highly complex, comprising sub-specialised providers delivering siloed health services. There is a pervasive view that an individual’s wellness is comprised of individual components which should be treated in isolation. Sadly, the total needs and beliefs of the patient are often overlooked.”

Dr Jamie Phillips

Medical Director, Sonder




cost per day in lost productivity and participation (Australia wide).


treatment costs increase as illness progresses from mild to severe.


of Australians are dealing with a pending or real mental health concern.

Earlier intervention for a measurable difference


Every person is unique and multifaceted, and their support system should be too.

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