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Sonder returns an average of 17x with our comprehensive wellbeing and safety solution.

It's time for your people to get help easier, quicker and earlier. It's time for insights you can act on.

It's time for Sonder.


Sonder.io mental health, wellbeing and safety support for organisations

Sonder is reimaging wellbeing and safety - compare the difference

A comprehensive technical and human-led solution offering support for your people

Safety. Medical. Mental health.

Technical capability Standard safety
Standard EAP support Sonder approach
Standard EAP features:

  • Phone appointments 9am-5pm.
  • Reporting - incident, utilisation.
Standard safety features:

  • Location monitoring and tracking.
  • Reporting - incident.
Proactive support - 24x7 live chat or phone support for safety, medical and mental health.
Proactive safety - geospatial alerts, push notifications, tailored wellbeing library.
Real time actionable insights - dashboard, business resilience support.
Human support capability Standard safety
Standard EAP support Sonder approach
Standard EAP features:

  • Virtual and in person counselling.
  • Crisis response.
  • Medical checks.
Standard safety features:

  • Emergency coordination.
  • Crisis response.
Human centric approach with proactive support and earlier intervention.    
ACHS accredited medical and mental health triage, available via Sonder app, 24/7.    
Real time, in person support, with over 300 responders across Australia and New Zealand.    

Pricing structure and customisation

Pricing is based on your organisation’s size.

Our flexible solution also offers customisation to suit your organisation. Chat to us about your specific needs.

  • Sonder app

    Customisation options include single sign on, home screen, library articles, and notifications.

  • Human support

    Tailored options for counselling and psychological support, as well as on-site medical checks.

  • Data and insights

    We can integrate with your in-house or 3rd party services, provide bespoke dashboards, and more.