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We combine essential safety, medical and mental health support in one platform. This saves you costs, improves insights, and gives every employee access to help whenever and wherever they need it. provides mental health and wellbeing solutions for enterprise businesses and their workforce. Employee assistance program.
Costs and Consequences infographic

Costs and consequences:
The ripple effect


Traditional measures such as absenteeism and presenteeism are important indicators of your wellbeing program impact, but there’s much more to the story.

Sonder is measuring “the ripple effect” of workplace issues - often hidden costs - which we define as the burden on managers and on co-workers.

The "ripple effect" costs your business 3.6 weeks of wasted time per person. Across a 1,000 person company, that adds up to $4.5m pa.

Getting ahead of issues


Early intervention in medical and mental health is proven to reduce treatment costs, reduce impact and improve lives.

A recent Sonder survey indicated 70% of people would otherwise not have reached out unless Sonder was available and trusted to help. That’s why we designed a human centric support system - to intervene early and avoid devastating consequences.


An investment that makes business sense

Impact from early intervention is visible and measurable
40.8% of your people are dealing with a pending or real mental health concern.

Based on Australian Productivity Commission.

14% of your people’s time is wasted by absences and ripple effect.

Based on data from Safe Work Australia & Sonder.

17x ROI from a human centred approach with early intervention.

Based on 1 year return from Sonder solution.

How Sonder is helping 
our corporate clients

  • Woolworths Group continued its commitment to “caring deeply” when it rolled out Sonder to its 215,000 staff. Now, more than ever, looking after a large and diverse workforce requires a more sophisticated approach, and Sonder consolidated 15 different wellbeing and safety suppliers into a single solution - providing ease of access for all team members across all brands.

    "We have created this partnership because we care deeply about the health, safety and wellbeing of our people and we look forward to strengthening our partnership with Sonder in the years ahead."

    Brian Long

    General Manager Safety, Health & Wellbeing, Woolworths

  • With so many staff geographically dispersed and often within the community, APM wanted peace of mind that their people could rely on Sonder’s quick response service in uncertain or dangerous situations. With Sonder, APM employees have the confidence they need to go about their work, both in the office and in the community, knowing help is always there.

    "We partnered with Sonder because we want to guarantee the health and safety of all our people. With so many out visiting clients in the community, we know that Sonder has their back with the right help at the touch of a button."

    Jeffrey Gibbons

    Safety & Environment Manager, APM

Insights you can act on


We securely aggregate anonymised data enabling you to see current problems, learn from them, and prevent future problems from happening. And if serious issues appear, we immediately pinpoint their root cause to deliver efficient and effective reporting you can act on.


Turn hidden costs into tangible benefits


Let’s chat about the ripple effect in your business, and how a human centric model can intervene early - turning hidden costs into tangible benefits.

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