workplace mental health experience

Workplace mental health: employee experiences

Everywhere we turn, we’re reading statistics about employees wanting their employers to provide better workplace mental health support. Millennials in particular want their employers to implement additional mental health initiatives – 87 per cent compared to 67 per cent of…

workplace mental health solutions

Workplace mental health: right-fit solutions

Low employee uptake of workplace mental health support has largely been accepted with minimal inquiry. But with this year’s release of ISO 45003 and the subsequent spotlight on workplace psychological health and safety, it’s time for organisations to ask why…

Mental health support uptake

Workplace mental health support: Why only a 5% uptake?

Workplaces have changed beyond recognition over the past two years. Expedited by COVID-19, we have become more digitally enabled, embraced newfound flexibility through hybrid working, introduced new on-site safety measures to enable lockdown restrictions to be lifted, and there has…

Blog header - How can you support your students differently

How can you support students differently?

Now that the world has been disrupted, what does the new horizon of student support look like? Do we know what constitutes meaningful, relevant, holistic and compassionate care during a period of deep uncertainty? Sonder’s Dr Jamie Phillips and Robert…

Australian International Education Conference - Header

Australian International Education Conference

The Australian International Education Conference (AIEC) is a key highlight in the annual calendar for the international education sector. Practitioners, teaching staff, researchers, policy makers, vendors and other stakeholders come together to learn about major industry trends and to network…

Line managers are not mental health experts

Line managers are not mental health experts

Dr Jamie Phillips, our medical director and head of member support, recently delivered a presentation for line managers at the Workplace Mental Health Symposium (WMHS). His key insights for managers were: 1. You are not a mental health expert –…


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