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Marley Spoon and Sonder - A recipe for success

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Workforce composition

554 employees


logistics and packing


supply chain




Consumer goods

Workforce diversity

Workforce diversity

Customer service


(Urban, suburban and rural)

Who is Marley Spoon?

Marley Spoon is a global direct-to-consumer brand solving everyday recurring problems in delightful and sustainable ways. Their vision is to 'build a better everyday, just for you, just right' which is not only applied to their customers but their team too, where the business places great importance on building a unique environment where every team member can thrive.


Marley Spoon experienced exponential growth in Australia when it switched to a subscription model, moving them from a luxury item to a household favourite. As a result, the business needed to scale its workforce to meet the growing demands, particularly concerning safety and mental health issues - they now have hubs worldwide and employ more than 500 people within the APAC region.

Case complexity

The rapid expansion created a range of complexities for Marley Spoon’s full-time, casual, admin and distribution teams.

  • Safety needs of remote workers were not being serviced, opening the organisation to risk.
  • The goal of improving support to family members was falling short.

  • Primarily casual workforce in the distribution centre work irregular, antisocial hours.
  • Young, culturally diverse teams.

Sonder wellbeing insights

safety alerts have been shared
of support cases occur outside of 9am-5pm
said they would not have sought help if Sonder was not available
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The future of support at Marley Spoon

The entire team is now able to access multi-lingual support whenever they need it - they know they can use Sonder to feel safe, mentally sound and physically healthy and that their families can access the same support.

Find out how Sonder’s tech-driven solution lowers barriers for employees to access help, decreases safety risks and supports leaders in preventing future crises.


Access the full story

If you are invested in your people’s wellbeing and are curious about how Sonder can impact your organisation, you can download the full story.

“Sonder fundamentally enhances accessibility to care for Marley Spoon’s staff by leveraging technology, 24/7 support, and timely data insights which drive meaningful business decisions.”

Craig Cowdrey, CEO at Sonder

Craig Cowdrey Chief Executive Officer

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